Howdy! I'm Mooshgi! I'm an illustrator and painter focused on character design and character illustration.If you would like to contact me for commissions, feel free to use the commission form or click my twitter link below to DM me.
For work or commercial inquiries email [email protected]
You can also find me at the sites linked below.

Commission Status: OPEN
Please read the ToS before filling out the commission form.


Headshot - $20
$25 (w/shading)
Bust - $25
$30 (w/shading)
Half Body - $40
$50 (w/ shading)
Full Body - $55
$65 (w/shading)
Extra Characters are +75%

Clean lines

Headshot - $30
$35 (w/shading)
Bust - $40
$45 (w/shading)
Half Body - $55
$65 (w/ shading)
Full Body - $80
$95 (w/shading)

Icons - $30
Chibis - $35

Ref Sheets

•Chibi Ref Sheet - $95
•Full Body Ref Sheet - $120
(front and back)
•Simple front-only ref sheet - $50

Ask about add-ons(add-on prices WIP)
(Mobility aids are free of charge! <3)

TOS at a glance

Thank you for considering commissioning me! ♡
I highly recommend reading my detailed Terms of Service document that can be viewed HERE
For a quick view, continue reading below.

•My commissions are for PERSONAL USE ONLY unless commercial rights have been purchased. For more information about commercial inquiries, please email me.•I retain all artistic rights to my artwork, this includes commission work.•I reserve the right to refuse a commission request for any reason.•My artwork must not be edited, copied, traced, distributed/modified without my written permission.• If you have a specific deadline that you would like me to meet, please be sure to include this in your commission request.•Commissions may take anywhere from one week to a few months.•Payments must be made through Paypal (can also be made through my ko-fi) or Stripe in USD. Payment must be made in full before I begin your commission.•I do not accept cryptocurrency. I do not associate with or create for N/F/Ts.•I will accept payment in installments for commissions of $250 or more by request.•I reserve the right to post commissioned artwork to my websites, social media, portfolios, etc. Please tell me ahead of time if you would like to remain anonymous for the commission.


♡Original Characters
♡Fan Characters (in my style)
♡NSFW Art (MUST BE 18+ for this!)
♡Furries (Feral must be SFW)
♡Any shape, any color, and any gender.
♡Light mecha


❌Heavy mecha/robots
❌Heavy gore (Minimal blood is ok)
❌Certain NSFW kinks/fetishes
❌I will not create any content involving racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, pedo, incest, and anything I feel is disrespectful or offensive.
If you are unsure,please ask me